Security for passengers in airports has always been a high priority and highly visible – with baggage scanners, passenger screening and scanners, dog sniffers, liquid policies and more. This, however, does not include another just as important security aspect of the airport – its full perimeter security surrounding the airport itself.

Securing the full perimeter of an airport, whether a big or small airport, should be as top of a priority as is its passenger and aircraft security. Secura provides leading tailor made solutions through its top of the line security products and systems. Typical projects for

Airport security include a combination of:
CCTV & IVA Camera systems
Smart Sensor Fences
On Wall Smart Sensors
Barriers, Bollards and Gates
Roadblocks and Tire Killer Spikes
Access Control Management
Physical Security Information Management system

Airport security projects can also include full integration of the various security products and platforms – whether it be existing physical security infrastructure, or are setting up new security infrastructure – through our Command and Control System. This would allow for a single and central management system for airport security personnel to monitor all aspects of the airport perimeter security and provide the quickest response time to any possible infiltration or penetration.