Physical Security Information Management system (PSIM)


Product Description

Secura is exclusive partner of one of the smartest Security Management Systems in the world Octopus.

OCTOPUS is a new and innovative Physical Security Information Management system (PSIM), which combines a comprehensive security management software with a robust smart phone application, enabling organizations to effectively manage all of their security, safety, cyber, and operational requirements from one place.

OCTOPUS fuses together all of an organization’s security and safety systems, sensors, and data sources in order to streamline and improve the efficiency and responsiveness of the organization’s security operations.

The system was designed and developed by experts in the field of physical security, safety and cyber security and is Cloud-enabled, reducing hardware costs and IT infrastructure dependencies.

OCTOPUS offers many benefits to organizations in various vertical markets, such as: critical infrastructure, safe cities and smart cities, emergency response agencies, municipalities and government agencies, airports and seaports, factories, banks, hotels, hospitals and more.