Our Safe City solutions addresses many aspects of urban security and operations by combining products sensors and integrating systems – whether you have your own existing physical security infrastructure, or are setting up new security infrastructure. It offers a single, unified and comprehensive Safe City solution that enables cost-effective city management and provides advanced analytics to identify and manage city resources, to operate your city in the new age.
Reduce costs and resource consumption
One tool that can receive and send commands to all the city systems
Supports multiple type of sensors and protocols
Engage with your city’s residents through a dedicated app
Safe City integrates all City infrastructure systems and personnel into one unified system to offer real time response over logistics, security and safety operations.

Safe City analyzes all the city’s infrastructure & systems in order to help save costs, efficiently manage all resources and offer a decision support management tool.

Safe City leverages the mobile phone to engage with city’s resident in real time, provides residents with access to all the city services and allows them to respond as a “human sensor” in case of city hazards and incidents.
Main features of the Safe City Solution include:
Available as a Cloud based solution-low total cost of ownership, quick and simple installation & implementation
Integrates all existing city systems, meters, building management, controllers, cameras & technologies via common protocols
Real time view of city resources from one location
Access the system via smartphone and tablet
Immediate response to event –send tasks to municipality and technical staffs
Fully customizable – meets all city’s requirements
Certified ISO 27001 – Strict information security requirements and cyber security protection, passed hacking attempts by government agency
Available in multiple languages