Like many other building, skyscrapers have its standard security infrastructure: CCTV Cameras, Access control, barriers and more. But when dealing with security of skyscrapers, the most critical success factor for the security of skyscrapers is an effective Command &
Control system that can:
Integrate with all the security components of the building
Synch in real-time between the security forces on the ground and emergency response team
Safe and orderly evacuation of mass amounts of people

The command and control software and apps allows information/cyber, safety, logistics security officers manage manpower, procedures and technology in day-to-day routine and in emergencies.

It interfaces with all organization systems and links all end users through a mobile app. It allows for efficient management of technological systems and of information security, safety, logistics and security teams of the organization in one database. This software is designed for installation in secured sites and facilities, such as smart cities, banks, offices, factories, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, airports and many more.