Security professional services are an integral part of Secura’s complete approach to security. Our services draw on the unique security knowledge developed from our experienced ex-military and high-tech technology experts. We have proven experience a range of projects including: airports, government buildings, military installations, borders and border crossings, private buildings and compounds and critical infrastructure.

We will work with you to design the optimum solution to your security challenges.

Strategic Consulting
Whether you are looking for a broad strategic perspective or for detailed site analysis on security, our experts are ready to consult you on a wide range of security, safety, intelligence and counter-terrorism issues and practices. We pride ourselves on our team of security experts with proven experience in consulting for large projects, organizations and countries.

Complex/Large-Scale Project Management
Our team is experienced in outlining, defining and drafting best of breed, turn-key security solutions that fit your needs. Our solutions are scalable, from simple product provision, to the full management from definition, through delivery and training of significant large scale and complex security projects.

Training Services
Our goal is to make sure that all your personnel are fully capable of executing their designated tasks. Whether it be the security guards that need to perform effectively during routine or counter-terrorism response units in emergency situations. Through our highly trained and veteran staff, we offer a range of training services to ensure that you have full control of all aspects of the security operations including:
Training on implementation and operation of security projects
Training for large projects, organizations and countries
Training on counter-terrorism, with specific expertise on training special combat units